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Due to the celebration of the bicentennial of the first actions for independence in South America, the Navies of Chile and Argentina decided to organize in a combined form the first International Meeting of Tall Sailing ships, as a way of heightening these patriotic events. This initiative was rapidly embraced by other Latin-American nations, such as the Republics of Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela whose independence efforts also began in the year 1810.

During that first meeting of tall sailing ships, called “Sailing South America 2010” 11 Training Ships took part, which navigated in different latitudes, through different sea and wind conditions, crew exchanges between the ships and visiting more than 12 ports of different countries. A challenge that turned out to be particularly valuable from a professional, intellectual, cultural point of view and in learning the idiosyncrasies of the participating nations.


In the year 2012, the XXV Naval Inter-American Conference was held in Cancún, Mexico. On this occasion, the Commanders in Chiefs of the Navies got together, analyzed the continental aftereffect and the valuable experience gained during the development of “Sailing South America 2010”, agreeing to repeat this event every four years, and calling it “Sailing Latin America”, whose version 2014 would be organized by the Republic Argentina and that of the year 2018 by Chile.


The year 2018 is very significant for the Republic of Chile and its Navy, since during this year 200 years of important historical national events will be celebrated, such as:

- Bicentenary of the Proclamation and Oath of the Independence of Chile.

- Bicentenary of the foundation of the Marine Corps, the Marine Police Commission and the Specialty of Supply.

- Bicentenary of the creation of the Naval Academy “Arturo Prat”.

- Bicentenary of the First raising anchor to set sail of the National Squadron.

In consideration to the importance of the anniversary that will be celebrated, the Government of Chile has considered that Sailing Latin America 2018, corresponds to a Country Project, compromising the participation of all the entities of the State, in this grand national celebration.